Dragon Fin Soup: A JRPG with Roguelike Mechanics
Dragon Fin Soup: A JRPG with Roguelike Mechanics
From indie developer Grimm Bros (that's "Bros," not "Brothers"), this epic, twisted adventure, currently on Kickstarter, features "a raging alcoholic heroine"
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Dragon Fin Soup Trailers and Screens - March 26, 2014
A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until April 11, 2014

Dragon Fin Soup is a charming hybrid tactical action RPG with roguelike elements set in a world inspired by fairytales and classic JRPGs from indie developer Grimm Bros.

“With accessible controls and brilliant visuals, Dragon Fin Soup will appeal to core gamers looking for a rich, tactical experience and RPG fans who love dark, twisted tales,” says Grimm Bros CEO Ash Monif. “Typically, turn-based games can be slow and discontinuous; however, in Dragon Fin Soup, movement, combat and controls have been streamlined to empower you to set your own pace.”

The game is set is a beautiful, high-res world and is populated with deeply flawed characters. It has achieved more than double its Kickstarter goal of $24,000, with 16 days and some stretch goals remaining.

Asura, where the game begins, exists on the back of a giant dragon-turtle god who swims in the multiverse of space-time. It's here that we find Red Robin, a reimagined version of Red Riding Hood, who's a sword-for-hire and bounty hunter who also happens to be a cheerful but raging alcoholic.

Dragon Fin Soup will offer two modes of play. Story Mode focuses on storytelling, character progression and exploration. Survival Mode is designed for the thrills and scares that come with exploring dungeons, fighting monsters, surviving to achieve the highest scores and permanent death.

Key Ingredients for Dragon Fin Soup:

  • Use fast-paced tactical combat to show your enemies what's for dinner
  • Delicious new maps and fresh worlds each time you play
  • Deeply flawed heroes fermenting through unique storylines
  • A scrumptious 2D world created by the award winning artist, Randis Albion
  • Dual Wielding: Two hands, two spoons!
  • Forces of Nature! Churning weather and crunchy earthquakes
  • Tired of killing? Kick back, relax and do some crafting, fishing, mining, digging, and cooking
  • Swords for hire and awesome pets to chew your enemies up
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