Untold Games’ Sci-Fi Thriller Loading Human Picks Up Two Awards
Untold Games’ Sci-Fi Thriller Loading Human Picks Up Two Awards
The virtual reality adventure game powered by groundbreaking controls scores twice in the Selected Projects competition at Game Connection America 2014
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Loading Human - Trailer, Screens, Info - January 27, 2014
News: Loading Human - An Evolved Interactive Adventure Game - January 27, 2014

Loading Human, the virtual reality game that represents the evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure, was judged the winner in the catagory of Console and PC Hardcore and received the Best Overall prize at GDC 2014 in San Francisco.

The game, in development for more than a year and utilizing advancements in VR technology to provide an unprecedented level of immersion, has also received much praise from the industry and press.

Elisa di Lorenzo, Untold Games: "Winning the award was completely unexpected, but it proves that Loading Human is truly something different, experimental and exciting."

Flavio Parenti, Game Co-Designer and Art Director: "Winning two Special Projects awards is an honour and we were excited to be able to show Loading Human to even more people during Game Connection America."

Loading Human, which will support Oculus Rift and motion-based controllers to allow players to pick up and otherwise manipulate objects in the game world just as they would in the real world, will be released for Windows and Mac later in 2014. The game will also be playable using a standard monitor.

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