Indie Developer KING Art is Looking for the Wizard of Vlog
Indie Developer KING Art is Looking for the Wizard of Vlog
Care for a six-month paid internship in Bremen, Germany?
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From KING Art:

Visit Berlin, London, Vienna, Cologne and other cities, produce "behind-the-scenes" videos, report about nerd & gaming culture and your life in Germany!


We’re the German game developer KING Art Games. We’re in the last days of the successful crowd-funding campaign for our upcoming point-and-click adventure "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2." As part of the campaign we’ve promised our backers an extensive look “behind-the-scenes,” featuring a production blog and regular behind-the-scenes videos. And that’s where you come in.

Your job would be to:

  • Write, produce, cut and star in the behind-the-scenes videos (including travels to the voice recordings in Berlin and London and an extensive visit of the Gamescom in Cologne, Europe’s biggest game event)
  • (Co-)Write the production blog and articles for gaming sites
  • Keep in touch with the community, answer questions, develop ideas

Who are we looking for?

  • You should have experience in writing and producing videos (personal vlog, professional education or similar). The videos should be creative, fun, surprising… there are enough "okay videos" out there… help us break the mould!
  • You should be an English native speaker or at least speak and write English at an exceptional level. You don’t have to understand German (everybody at KING Art and in the German gaming scene speaks English).
  • If you’re interested, we’ll pay for a German course, though (what better opportunity to learn a new language?).
  • Man, woman, Elf, Hobbit… we don’t care as long as you are funny, smart, adventurous and tenacious. You’re going to create something new! We’ll help you with that but it’s YOU who has to make this thing great!

What we offer

  • You’ll get the opportunity to work with nice people on a cool project
  • You have the opportunity to meet game developers from all over Germany and Europe. If you’re interested you can visit the GDC Europe or other dev conferences and we could probably arrange behind-the-scenes visits at other development studios as well
  • The whole thing is your baby. We want the videos to be cool and successful. But you'll have creative freedom and the opportunity to try things out.
  • We’ll pay for official travel expenses and for a room in a shared flat. We also provide equipment.
  • You’ll get a budget for the production of the videos including a decent compensation for your work.


  • When: As soon as possible, no later than June, for six months
  • Where: Bremen, Germany.
  • Why: Are you kidding? Seriously? Can you think of something cooler than making videos about game development in Europe in the summer?!


  • Please send your profile and links to a couple of videos you did to
  • If you have any questions: Please contact us!

Meanwhile, in another part of KING Art, your generosity (and the achievement of another Kickstarter stretch goal) has enabled the developer to add projection mapping to The Book of Unwritten Tales 2.

There are still nine days to go in the campaign, which runs until March 23, 2014. KING Art would love to reach the final stretch goal!

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