Mega Bad Code Announced by Wax Lyrical Games
Mega Bad Code Announced by Wax Lyrical Games
A "kooky point-and-click" adventure that blends comic surrealism with dark seriousness in a cyberpunk dystopia that includes a brutal serial killer
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Screens and More Info - February 3, 2014

Mega Bad Code takes place in a city-state called The Blue Banana, known as BlueBan Megalopolis. Mind-uploading technology has been developed, enabling the elite to escape both their bodies and the crime-ridden streets by transporting themselves to a computer-generated reality.

This leaves BlueBan open for the dregs of society to build fraternities of organized crime in the Anarchy Zone. And if that's not enough, a serial killer has started murdering people at random, and law enforcement is confused and exhausted.

Hmmm...Maybe it's time for Lucas McCreebie to get involved...

Yes, we did mention kookiness and comedy. Alan Thorn, designer and creator of Wax Lyrical Games, explains: “Mega Bad Code blends comic-style surrealism with a dark and unnerving seriousness. It's a thought-provoking and kooky journey into the near future where players must solve a mystery full of dangerous twists and turns. There's something here to intrigue most gamers: varied locations, challenging puzzles, bizarre characters, sinister goings-on and touches of weirdness throughout.”

Mega Bad Code will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone in late 2014.

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