Serena To Be Released January 30, 2014

A free, community-designed adventure game


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Last month, Agustin Cordes got sneaky (sneakier than usual, that is). He and other AG developers and fans holed up behind closed doors and secretly started working on Serena, "a gift to the adventure game community," using Senscape's Dagon engine.

As Agustin has said: "Many fans and developers of adventures contributed to this project, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it’s been amazingly fun and a huge pleasure to make this game.

"We won’t say much about the actual story except it will be one hour of your life that will leave a lasting impression on you.”

Serena, described as "a short tale of mystery," is the effort of over 40 collaborators. It will be released January 30, 2014 on Steam. Here's a teaser:

Uh...psssst? Agustin? Please excuse me. I love free games and I appreciate the gift, but...

Where is Asylum????????  Laughing

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