Algo-Bot Goes Live on Kickstarter
Algo-Bot Goes Live on Kickstarter
A fun puzzle game from indie developer Fishing Cactus that teaches you to code through logical experience
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Kickstarter & Gameplay Videos, Screens, Info - January 15, 2014

Now admit it. You've always wanted to learn basic programming (algorithms, functions, logical loops, variables, blah-blah) but just thinking about it makes your brain hurt. Well, say hello to Algo-Bot -- a cute, lovable robot who makes learning this stuff an enjoyable experience.

Okay, no scoffing. Educational games don't have to be drudgery. Algo-Bot will be fun. Really!

But it's not easy (or cheap) to build a game about coding that will satisfy everyone from noobs to experts. That's where you come in.

Belgian indie developer Fishing Cactus needs your support to make Algo-Bot a reality. A base funding goal of $60,000 will enable the release of a stable, fully functional game. However, if a stretch goal of $300,000 is reached, all schools, traning centers and professional educators will receive free game licenses.

Algo-Bot was originally developed for the training center Technobel with the participation of the EU. The game recently placed in the Top 5 Best Indie Games at Indie Prize Showcase, and won Best Serious Game HR – Training at Serious Game Expo.

Technobel was so satisfied that they allowed Fishing Cactus to extend development and commercialize Algo-Bot as a full game for PC.

Laurent Grumiaux, Project Manager and Commercial Director at Fishing Cactus: “Coding can be fun and learning how to program must remain a period of time in your life that is magical and full of surprises.”    

Fishing Cactus has already worked on over 50 different titles for a wide variety of digital platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo Wii, 3DS). Algo-Bot's Kickstarter campaign runs until February 14, 2014.

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