Reset Indiegogo Campaign in Final Six Days
Reset Indiegogo Campaign in Final Six Days
A mystery sci-fi noir, Reset and its indie developer Theory Interactive need your support!
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Reset is a single player co-op first-person puzzle game, with a strong emphasis on story and atmosphere. The unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself.

Along with being a puzzle game, Reset is also an open-world mystery-solving game. 

The game is the first in development by Finnish indie studio Theory Interactive, which consists of just two people whose aim is to bring smart, immersive and entertaining gaming experiences to core gamers. They are using self-developed proprietory technology called Praxis.

Music has been a huge part of setting the right mood for Reset from the very beginning. Music usually comes into play at the latter stages of production, but it was felt that in order to have a focused production period, a clear picture of the game's feel and emotion -- very abstract concepts -- would be necessary. Music has proved quite valuable in this respect.

From the beginning, Theory Interactive set out to create a game where you can really feel the atmosphere. Oculus Rift fit the bill perfectly, and Reset will be supporting it.

Main features:
  • Unique single-player co-op mechanic with 33 individual puzzles to solve
  • Gorgeous 16-square-km open world island to explore and get lost in
  • Smart, haunting but beautiful storyline
  • True next-gen immersive PC experience enabled by in-house tech Praxis including:
    • Physically based multilayered materials
    • True HDR rendering
    • Volumetric lighting
    • Dynamic day and night cycles with accurate star positions
    • Dynamic weather effects including highly realistic cloud simulation, rain and fog with varying density
    • High quality multichannel audio
Reset requires Windows Vista or newer as well as graphics hardware compliant with DirectX 10. The game takes advantage of some features that are optional in DirectX 10, so not all hardware of that level may be able to run the game. All hardware compliant with DirectX 10.1 or newer will be able to run the game.

With just six days left in the Indiegogo campaign, your help in making Reset a reality will be greatly appreciated!
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