Maniac Manors App Free on Dec 13
Maniac Manors App Free on Dec 13
Haunting point-and-click adventure puzzle game Maniac Manors will be free on Friday the 13th of December.
Posted: 12/11/13 | Category: News | Platform: Iphone, Ipad
Cezure Production announced today that not all Friday the 13th days have to be filled with bad luck: their point-and-click puzzle adventure game for iOS devices Maniac Manors will be available for free on December 13, 2013 in iTunes.
Maniac Manors has players exploring a manor in which they just purchased in an auction. However once inside, you'll discover why it was at such a low price. Players will be tasked with solving puzzles, interacting with items to use and combine - all to uncover the manor's past. All while trying not to go insane of course. 
Maniac Manors features a mental health system that will affect your adventure in a world inspired by the myth of Cthulhu, so be prepared to see some serious creepiness. 
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