Deadly Premonition Visual Companion Guide Gets Price Dropped
Deadly Premonition Visual Companion Guide Gets Price Dropped
350+ interactive companion guide gets a mark down in time for the holidays.
Posted: 12/05/13 | Category: News | Platform: Ipad
Rising Star Games announced today that the Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut: Official Visual Companion (we'll just call it the Deadly Premonition Visual Companion ) on the Apple App Store via iBooks for the iPad has received a permanent reduced price of $5.99.
For what would be the cost of Agent Francis York Morgan's favorite hot beverage, players and fans can delve into the secrets of Greenvale, and peek into the mind of the creative and bizarre developer "Swery65".
The guide contains:

• Over 100 interactive elements and loads of hidden secrets
• Read Swery65’s notebook and learn how the game was made
• Three interactive maps showing everything in the game
• Never-before-seen concept sketches and high-resolution art
• Play with the soundboard or listen to the soundtrack

It also goes without saying that the visual guide will contain spoilers, so newcomers to Deadly Premonition should avoid reading too far ahead, lest they have the ending or other elements spoiled for them.

Deadly Premonition is known for its open world, non-linear gameplay, and sprinkling comedy into the horror theme. The player is Agent York, who has been sent to Greenvale to investigate the murder of a young woman. Deadly Premonition is subject to a host a realistic interactions, such as having a day-night cycle, making sure York sleeps and eats, fueling up and repairing vehicles, as well as paying attention to other characters' schedules as they go about their errands and work.

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