Jason the Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos Lands on Kickstarter
Jason the Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos Lands on Kickstarter
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Videos - November 29, 2013
Screens and Info - November 5, 2013
Jason the Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos is the project of a one-man development team called DreamFever Ltd. It will be the first chapter in a planned series.

Jason was born to King Aeson of Thessaly and Alcimede. Or Polymede. Amphinome... Theognete, Rhoeo -- possibly Arne or maybe Scarphe...

Oh, just watch the videos.

In the Ladies of Lemnos, Captain Kirk meets Jason and the Argonauts. Well, not literally...
The crew of the Argo heads to an isle said to be 100% women. Try to envision Capt. Kirk in such a place. The mind boggles. 

Playing as Jason, it will be up to you to charm a princess, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries as you search for clues concerning the whereabouts of the Golden Fleece.

Developer Kris Fosh (aka DreamFever Ltd): “JTG is going to be the first in a possible set of three titles spanning Jason and his crew of Argonauts’ journey across the mythological world of Ancient Greece in their Quest to find the Golden Fleece. It’s an eccentric take on the theme that hasn’t been seen before in popular culture, blending two of the most famous crews in legend – Enterprise meets Argo.”

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until December 15th. The Ladies of Lemnos should arrive in summer 2014
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