Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Coming to Mobile Platforms
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Coming to Mobile Platforms
One of the largest PS2 releases is getting a release on the mobile platforms for iOS and Android.
Posted: 11/26/13 | Category: News | Developer: Rockstar Games | Platform: Iphone, Tablet
Rockstar Games looks to bolster it's presence on the mobile market with another Grand Theft Auto release, this time with the wildly-popular classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game will be appearing on mobile devices for iOS and Android platforms next month.
GTA: San Andreas will get a visual upgrade for its mobile release, such as remastered graphics, dynamic and detailed shadows, a greater draw distance, better color palette, and enhanced character and vehicle models. For those that were frustrated with the checkpoint system years ago, no worries, a new checkpoint system will be in place to help with progressing through missions easier.
There will also be new touch controls, such as contextual controls that will only display certain buttons when they're needed, as well as three different control schemes for driving and moving about. If touch controls aren't your bag, the game will have full controller support for iOS7 devices with the Made for IOS (MFI) controllers. 
More details are expected to come about as the game nears release.
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