Dropsy Coming in October 2014
Dropsy Coming in October 2014
After a successful Kickstarter, Dropsy is arriving late next year.
Posted: 11/20/13 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows, Apple macintosh
Indie game developer Jay Tholen and publisher Devolver Digital announced that the open-world adventure game Dropsy will be releasing on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms in October 2014.
Dropsy stars the titular character Dropsy, a carefree clown that navigates the open world through the classic point-and-click interface. The world is full of characters and evil secrets, through which Dropsy can piece together puzzles and clues in whichever way the player chooses. Dropsy interacts with characters through visual icons rather than traditional text trees.
The story has Dropsy going on a quest to clear his name after a deadly circus fire, and aims to discover himself and move past being an outsider to everyone around him. Dropsy will not only solve puzzles, but unravel dark and shameful secrets from his past, collect items, and of course, like any clown in an adventure game, talk to animals.
Dropsy actually originated as a "choose your own adventure" in 2008, which became wildly popular enough to generate interest as an actual game. It was put on Kickstarter and earned past its $14,000 funding goal, with the Devolver Digital team promising additional development, marketing, and production funds to help Jay Tholen and his team fully realize Dropsy. The Kickstarter is still active with four days left.
You can check out the teaser trailer "Dropsy - Learn to Love Him" trailer below:
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