See More of 1954 Alcatraz from Daedalic Entertainment
See More of 1954 Alcatraz from Daedalic Entertainment
If you've ever wondered what it's like inside "The Rock," look no further.
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Screenshots and More Info

It's 1954. Your name is Joe. You're in Alcatraz.

Daedalic Entertainment has released new screenshots from its upcoming noir game Alcatraz 1954, a point-and-click adventure for PC and Mac to be released early in 2014.  

The game is set in the vice-ridden city of San Francisco in the '50s. Joe, convicted of armed robbery and serving 40 years in Alcatraz, needs to escape in order to claim the loot, which he's hidden away.

No one has ever escaped from Alcatraz.

To pull it off, Joe will need the help of his wife, Christine. But she has problems of her own. Mickey, also in on the heist, has threatened to kill her if she doesn't come up with the stash.

There's one problem: she doesn't know where it is. Joe is the only one who does.

Joe also knows that others are seeking the heist's hidden spoils. In fact, every crook and scam artist in North Beach is looking for it.

The race is on.

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