Lords of Xulima on Kickstarter
Lords of Xulima on Kickstarter
The single-player RPG from Numantian Games seeks funding
Posted: 11/04/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other
Lords of Xulima is a 2D isometric turn-based RPG that combines the depth and challenge of classic games with a modern interface. The developers at Numantian have been playing RPGs for years and have set out to make a game filled with character development, puzzles and strategic combat in an immersive environment.

The game's isometric, detailed 2D background and 3D animations are supported by a custom-built engine.

Lords of Xulima represents a cross between non-linear, strategic classics and challenging, story-driven Japanese RPGs, with mature fantasy lore and original combat/gameplay concepts added. The game is also one large chapter of a grand, envisioned saga.

  • More than 60 hours of true role playing experience.
  • Create your party with up to six characters, choosing between 9 classes and more than 100 unique skills. Customize your companions for the best of both worlds: A story-driven, active main character and a party which suits your favorite playstyle!
  • Strategic turn-based combat in first person view: Battle more than 100 enemies with unique skills and powers. 16+ Epic bosses to test your mettle
  • A vast continent to explore, with different environments and climates: You are free to go anywhere you want from the beginning of the game, but take care; the lands of Xulima are extremely dangerous.
  • More than 30 dungeons: Castles, towers and temples await for you to discover their secrets.
  • The depth and challenge of old school RPG classics, but with a modern, intuitive interface. Non-linear progress, rewarding strategic play, various layers of character development & compelling story.
  • Enchanting hand-drawn 2D graphics for landscapes and maps, mixed with 3D, pre-rendered models to bring smooth animations for characters and creatures.
  • Available for Windows, MAC and Linux.
  • Languages: English, Spanish.
The game's Kickstarter campaign is in progress and runs through November 29, 2013.
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