Tiger Style Revealing New Game?
Tiger Style Revealing New Game?
Did the indie developer make a new game announcement? Or something else?
Posted: 10/29/13 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows
Tiger Style, an indie game developer of titles such as Waking Mars and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manner, has made some sort of an announcement on a somewhat uninformative website www.blackbirdestate.com.
The website features a wonderfully drawn piece of art showing off possibly a tower or a house with a man occupying it. In the distance is an old windmill, with a flock of birds flying off in a V formation. In the bottom right of the website is a quote "Three things cannot be long hidden; the Sun, The moon, and The Truth."
The site asks to share your location, and an email if you wish to be updated with information, but aside from that, nothing else is coming to light. Tiger Style's website does feature a third game on the line up, but all that is shown is a window with a figure in it, with "Our new game (in development)" below it.
Perhaps something will come to light in the next week or so, maybe something pertaining to revealing your location? A more interactive website? Who knows.
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