In Verbis Virtus Announced for Mac OS X
In Verbis Virtus Announced for Mac OS X
Action-puzzle game involving exploring dungeons and using magic to come to Mac OS X.
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Indomitus Games announced today that their action-puzzle dungeon-explorer game In Verbis Virtus will be coming to the Mac OS X platform, along with the PC. The decision to release on the Mac platform was due to many fans requesting such a move. The added upside is that as well with the PC version, Mac users will be able to shout their spells via microphone to use in-game spells.
The overall goal of Indomitus Games is to make the game as accessible as possible, so future porting to other platforms are possible.
To also celebrate the announcement, Indomitus Games has a new video on their Indiegogo campaign to explain the choice of the voice control aspect and the fundraising campaign itself. The company is looking to raise at least $65,000 to complete development on In Verbis Virtus. Those that contribute will get a pre-order of the game, as well as additional gadgets and rewards.
The story behind In Verbis Virtus is that players take the role of a wizard that enters a dark dungeon, armed only with the ability to cast spells. More can be learned through ancient texts as you travel further, avoiding traps, solving puzzles and mysteries, and killing enemies.
Check out the trailer using the game's speech recognition (and the reasons why) and a few combat sequences:
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