CLARK Greenlight Campaign Launched by Golden Tricycle
CLARK Greenlight Campaign Launched by Golden Tricycle
An action-adventure puzzler full of drunken robots
Posted: 10/01/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other
CLARK, one of the most beloved games on Ouya, is looking to get the Greenlight from Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux versions.

Featuring comic-style visuals, CLARK is an isometric, grid-based puzzle game with fast-paced arcade elements. Various graphical themes include a chaotic factory, the surface of Mars and the interior of an enemy spaceship.

Our Hero, Clark #37, lives in a decaying nuclear missile factory. He's a simple, hard-working maintenance robot

FATHER, an old supercomputer, has disappeared. This has thrown the factory into utter chaos.

The factory's robots have discovered the intoxicating effects of diesel fuel, which leads to a rather large shift in priorities. Every robot is now focused on drinking instead of working. Every robot except Clark, that is.

A new supercomputer arrives to disarm and dismantle the factory, which has become a doomsday device. Clark must rescue his fellow robots, his new friend -- an atomic bomb named Clara -- and save the factory from destruction. 
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