Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths Reaches Kickstarter Goal
Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths Reaches Kickstarter Goal
Goal surpassed by a comfortable margin to bring dubbed English version this fall.
Posted: 10/01/13 | Category: News | Platform: Wii u, Nintendo 3ds, Iphone, Ipad, Microsoft windows
Neko Entertainment and Ynnis Interactive are excited for a lot of good reasons - their Kickstarter for the sequel to Mysterious Cities of Gold, titled Secret Paths, has been successfully funded with money to spare.
Reaching this goal not only will bring the title to multiple consoles, but will see the dubbing of French cutscenes to English, but also subtitles in nine other languages (German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, and Arabic.) This means that Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths will see a worldwide release on confirmed consoles such as the Windows PC, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, the Apple iPad, and the iPhone this fall.
What is Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths all about? Originally a French and Japanese anime show under the same name, this 30-year-old show was resurrected for a second season this year and is airing on TV stations in French-speaking countries. The game is a mix of puzzle and infiltration in a top-down perspective, where you control one of three characters (Esteban, Tao, and Zia) to combine their abilities to make it through the levels.
The game will be as faithful as possible to the original storyline, starting right where the trio of characters begin their adventure to search for the far eastern City of Gold. Each level they enter and explore is from the show itself, interspersed with cutscenes from the animated series.
For those that are late to the Kickstarter funding party, a "Slacker Backer" page has been created in collaboration with the people at the Humble Bundle store to enable preorders for the Windows PC version, with payments available through Paypal, Amazon, and Google Wallet.
There is also a collection of videos as a mini-documentary about the production of the game and the art teams involvement here on YouTube.
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