Shades of Sanity Gameplay Video Released
Shades of Sanity Gameplay Video Released
Walk in the shoes of insanity, where your perception is the most deadly adversary in this tense psychological horror title for PC from indie developer Sword and Spirit
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Indie developer Sword and Spirit was formed by Rob Seres and Keith Leonard, who developed DreamForge's Sanitarium. You could say that this game is Sanitarium's spiritual successor.

Rob Seres: “Shades of Sanity is about a schizophrenic patient named Joseph Springer who moves back in with his ex-wife, only to one day find himself alone in a deserted house, plagued with visions of oppression, isolation and murder. The game will consist of situational puzzles based on supernatural logic, as well as others relying on inventory or in-game physics."

Keith Leonard: “We almost made a game like this a few years ago, and I've been looking forward to it ever since: mixing intense adventure game play with high-end 3-D graphics.”

Due to Joseph Springer's condition, players will be fighting themselves as well as external forces. They will have to push through hallucinations and delusions. They will also be without conventional weapons and will have to defend themselves with combinations of items found in the game's environment.   

Shades of Sanity will be released for PC and possibly Mac OSx depending on funding.

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress.

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