Memoria, from Daedalic Entertainment and Deep Silver, is Released
Memoria, from Daedalic Entertainment and Deep Silver, is Released
Return to Aventuria in the point-and-click fantasy adventure
Posted: 08/31/13 | Category: News | Platform: Microsoft windows

Memoria continues the tale of bird-catcher Geron, protagonist of The Chains of Satinav. Players also take on the role of Sadja, a warrior princess from the faraway land of Fasar who, long before Geron's time, disappeared without a trace after venturing into war to fight demons in the Gorian Desert.

Geron must solve the mystery of Sadja's disappearance so that his beloved Nuri, who has been transformed into a raven by a curse, can become human again.

In Memoria, two storylines spanning almost 500 years are entertwined against rich, hand-drawn environments.

You'll venture deep into Aventuria's past and experience an age of epic battles.

A chain of events will be triggered that casts a shadow on Geron's homeland and turns his present into a dark image of a long-forgotten past.

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