The Electric Adventures of Watt
The Electric Adventures of Watt
An upcoming 3D action/platformer from developer Called Shot
Posted: 08/19/13 | Category: News | Platform: Other

Video and Concept Art

Development of The Electric Adventures of Watt (TEAoW) has been announced by Called Shot LLC, creators of the open source game engine Ymir. It will be the flagship title for the indie studio, which is committed to openly-licensed game development.

TEAoW takes place on a dark, jagged planet where a war is in progress. Players must side with either light or darkness. Either way, the path will be rife with peril.

The planet has no atmosphere. Strange vining plants called Power Plants that live on radiation are the planet's only organic life. They produce buds that store energy.

The city of Watt is full of light and innovation. Its citizens dwell in Illuminaria. They live peaceful lives under The Core, which hangs overhead and provides the Illuminarians with life-giving light.

Conversely, the Creep inhabit the planet's darkest areas. These creatures hate the light and will stop at nothing to snuff it out.

TEAoW features challenging tactical team play; open license art/engine; fully moddable gaming; and a distributed game engine written in Erlang. You will take part in PvP combat, deal with environmental hazards and solve physics-enabled puzzles.

TEAoW is in the early stages of development. Called Shot is currently seeking funding to develop a multi-player demo. The game will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux under a Creative Commons license.    

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