Affected: The Cabin Kickstarter Video, Teasers, Concept Art, Info
Affected: The Cabin Kickstarter Video, Teasers, Concept Art, Info
An Oculus Rift Horror Experience from indie developer Fallen Planet Studios
Posted: 12/10/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Fallen Planet Studios | Platform:

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Affected - The Cabin is a follow-up to a game simply known as Affected, which is a free VR game from Fallen Planet. Think of it as a prototype of the game we'll be discussing here.

You'll find more info about Affected, including a link to download V1.54 – Full DK2 Support, here. Although it's free, donations are accepted.

Affected - The Cabin will be one of the most visually stunning VR projects available. Such is the desire of Fallen Planet to scare players that proven psychological studies on fear are being used in the game's development. Prepare to be thrust into a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, immersive experience the likes of which has only been available through live action horror until now.     

Affected - The Cabin, doesn't hit you with jump scares. Instead, you'll encounter a series of unfolding events and cinematic scenes specifically designed for the Oculus Rift. This will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. It will take you into your darkest nightmares, where you'll experience horror in a completely new way.

When you enter the cabin, its interior will change dramatically according to the game's three main themes: a wartime school, a disused manor house and a dank torturer's slaughterhouse. It can be vast and cavernous or claustrophobic.

You'll navigate through a procedurally-generated world and experience horrors that lie in the darkness. There will be no obstructive game elements to interfere with complete immersion in the world of Affected - The Cabin.  

The game will be released on PC in Q4 2015. A Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of £18,500 will run until December 18, 2014. If what you see appeals to you and you enjoy being scared to death, please consider backing Affected - The Cabin.

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