The Devil's Men Screens and Info
The Devil's Men Screens and Info
A Victorian steampunk point-and-click adventure from Daedalic Entertainment
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In The Devil’s Men, players will influence the storyline with every move and decision they make. They'll have to consider all the possible ways to solve a puzzle, because every decision could change the story.
Author Kevin Mentz, known for his critically acclaimed fantasy-adventure Memoria, has conjured up a world made of steampunk elements amidst a fictitious Victorian England. In classic adventure gameplay, challenging puzzles are cleverly combined with a thrilling criminal case.
England, 1871: A sleepy seaside town – once the venue of a legendary world exhibition – is kept in suspense by a bizarre series of murders. The trail leads to the old exhibition grounds, where ruins of steel and glass are the new shelter for a gang of waifs, strays, misfits and tramps known as The Colony. To sustain itself, The Colony pursues more and more influence over the town and doesn’t shirk from ruthless means.

Twenty-year-old Adelaide Spektor feels threatened by this menace. While still a child, she was abandoned by her father, Karol Spektor, a famous detective. She hides in the town’s streets and lives in fear of being overcome by the crime she finds there.

When she witnesses the murder of her father’s old friend, Adelaide sees her chance to find Karol Spektor and reclaim her former place in society. But only the notorious Colonist and double murderer Emily can help take up Karol’s trail.
Together the two women become entangled in a plot leading to the Devil’s Men – a coterie of scientists who had, decades before, exceeded the limits of the spiritual and material world, yet are perishing one after another.

Will Adelaide and Emily manage to track down Karol Spektor? And what is his connection to this group of scientists?

The Devil's Men is to be released on PC and Mac at a date TBD.

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