MIND: Path to Thalamus Screens, Info

MIND: Path to Thalamus Screens, Info

This fantastic, surreal first-person puzzle adventure from indie developer Carlos Coronado will be released on August 5th


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MIND: Path to Thalamus Teaser Trailer, Screens, Info - May 7, 2014

MIND: A Path to Thalamus is an emotive, mind-bending first-person puzzle adventure. It will throw you into a fantastic and surreal environment where you'll bend the natural elements to your will in order to progress. The game is to be released on August 5th.


  • More than 30 different, creative puzzles seamlessly integrated into the environment
  • Six ways to affect the environment in order to solve the puzzles
  • More than 20 distinct landscapes with which to interact
  • Turn day to night, cover everything in a blinding fog, summon incredible storms, travel to the past and more
  • Engage in an adventure that is not about saving the world but about living through the pain of a father broken by his mistakes
  • Over an hour of voice acting that, while integrated into the gameplay itself, will tell you an entire story
  • Face down imposing climactic enemies by using your creativity and everything you have learned along the way
  • Twenty-two achievements full of Easter eggs and references
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