Else { Heart.break() } Screens, Info
Else { Heart.break() } Screens, Info
An adventure game about changing reality from indie developer Erik Svedang
Posted: 07/30/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Erik Svedang | Platform:

else { Heart.break() } is set in a mysterious world made up of computers and their code; a place where bits have replaced atoms. The player – who is assumed to have no previous knowledge about programming – gets access to the code and is taught by other characters how to modify it.

As the story unfolds, the possibilities of what can be reprogrammed, hacked and controlled increase greatly. Eventually, the inner parts of the gameplay code are revealed and the barrier between our own world and the game starts to dissolve.

The idea is to create opportunities for truly creative gameplay that goes beyond the kind of puzzle-solving and stats improvement normally seen in games. The goal is an experience that borders the metaphysical, and to create a kind of game where thoughts and knowledge mean everything.

else { Heart.break() } will also focus on creating great possibilities for interactive drama. The game world will be inhabited by characters living their own little lives. Talking to them and becoming part of their world is a big part of the game, and just being in the world should be a fulfilling experience in itself.

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