Epanalepsis Trailer and Info
Epanalepsis Trailer and Info
From indie developer Cameron Kunzelman, a narrative-heavy point-and-click adventure that explores sixty years of urban life
Posted: 07/26/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Cameron Kunzelman | Platform: Other

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Follow three characters in the 1990s, 2010s and 2030s, each with his or her problems relative to each individual time period. Gameplay will be centered on fully exploring three intertwined narratives about life and technology.

Puzzles will be minimal. Instead, Epanalepsis will focus heavily on narrative.

The game is influenced by the work of Philip K. Dick, as well as the fiction and non-fiction of Joanna Russ, and adventure games such as The Shivah, Primordia, and Hugo’s House of Horrors.

Epanalepsis will be weird and endearing, warm and nihilistic, funny and somber, and have a "hopeful bleakness."

A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until August 10, 2014. Epanalepsis will be released DRM-free for PC, Mac, Linux and will launch in December 2014.

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