Solarix Trailers, Screens, Info

Solarix Trailers, Screens, Info

You are sole survivor of human genetic experiments gone terribly wrong in this psychological survival horror game powered by the Unreal Engine from indie developer Pulsetense Games


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News: Solarix Kickstarter Campaign Is Launched - July 17, 2014
Solarix - Trailer and Screens - September 5, 2013
News: Solarix - September 5, 2013

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Trapped in far reaches of space, the sole survivor of human genetic experiments gone badly wrong...
Years spent avoiding your infected crew mates with only a distant voice for company...
Battling against the corporation's "clean-up" squad who have one instruction – destroy all evidence!
Shadows are your friends; avoidance is your only strategy.
But how long can a mind survive this environment?

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