Grim Fandango Remake will Include PC Version
Grim Fandango Remake will Include PC Version
When the remake of Grim Fandango was first announced at the Sony Conference during E3 it wasn't clear that a PC version would be included. Those fears have been put to rest by Double Fine!
Posted: 07/10/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Double Fine | Platform: Playstation vita, Playstation 4

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Grim Fandango holds a special place in the hearts of many adventure fans. Released in 1998, it was one of the last big budget adventure games of the time, and despite critical acclaim, was considered a commercial failure, with LucasArts closing its Adventure Game division in its wake.

To the delight of many, a remake of the game was announced during Sony's Conference at last month's E3 for the PlayStation and Vita, but no mention at the time was made for a PC version, with Tim Schafer only alluding to "other platforms.".

Well, any concerns that a PC version wasn't going to be included as part of the remake have been put to rest following this tweet by Double Fine:


Its unclear exactly what a remake will include, but this retrospective video by Tim Schafer does suggest that it will include a number of fan made unofficial patches.

Grim Fandango Retrospective:

 Question: What's your favorite memory of Grim Fandango? Post your answer below:)

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