Pineview Drive In-Game Trailer, Screens, Info
Pineview Drive In-Game Trailer, Screens, Info
Indie developer VISGames presents a horror game with no violence, monsters, zombies or other nasty creatures; the horror is in one of the scariest place of all: your own head
Posted: 07/10/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: VISGames | Publisher: UIG Entertainment | Platform:

Pineview Drive takes place in an old abandoned cottage that's been the subject of ominous legends. Rumor has it that no one has been able to stay there longer than 30 days.

Years before, a friend of yours resided here. She apparently disappeared under mysterious circumstances. You go to the cottage in hopes of discovering what happened.

Pineview Drive is a horror game that uses visual effects and sounds to create impressions in your head. Then the game watches you -- it even tells you it can see you -- knowing that your life energy will depend on how you act in frightening situations.

There are no monsters, zombies or other creatures in this game. There is no violence. The fear originates in and is sustained by the player.

Pineview Drive will notice every little change in your behavior. If you get scared, look out! There goes your energy. The developer asks: "You do not believe this can happen?"

This is a very special horror game for players with nerves of steel. It's to be released for PC sometime in July.

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