The Wild, Wild Pixel Videos, Screens, Info
The Wild, Wild Pixel Videos, Screens, Info
An expansive point-and-click adventure game from indie developer Fabraz about an unwilling resident of a mysterious valley that won't let him leave
Posted: 07/07/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Fabraz | Platform: Other

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Jacques has been an unwilling resident of The Valley all his life. Named for the massive cliff walls that imprison the empty deserts within, its second most notable feature is how little of note it holds.

Jacques has attempted escape from The Valley countless times before to explore the world beyond, but every attempt was met with mysteriously catastrophic failure. Oddly, the other residents do not share his distaste for their home, fueling Jacques’ frustration and leaving him to plan his escapes alone.

We join Jacques on the eve of another attempted escape, but little does he know that he’s about to embark on a journey that will reveal what lies beyond those towering walls. If The Valley will let him.

The Wild, Wild Pixel is to be released for PC, Mac and Linux in four to five chapters. A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until July 27th, and Fabraz is looking to get the game Greenlit.

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