Panchito Chepas Trailer, Screens, Info
Panchito Chepas Trailer, Screens, Info
A satirical point-and-click adventure from indie developer Pinodrom Studios filled with quirky characters, handmade animations and challenging puzzles
Posted: 07/06/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Pinodrom Studios | Platform: Other

News: Panchito Chepas Alpha Demo Released for PC by Indie Developer Pinodrom Studios - July 31, 2014
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Step into the shoes of Panchito Chepas, a seemingly innocent character who has just arrived in a godforsaken town only to discovers it's fueled by gold.

This is not a game for players who have high moral standards. You'll have to engage in an entire repertoire of dirty tricks in order to acquire as much gold as possible.

Panchito Chepas will be released on PC, Mac and Linux. An Indiegogo campaign is in progress until August 29, 2014.


June 7, 2014

From developer Pinodrom Studios:
“Panchito Chepas” is a humouristic Point-and-Click indie game which will give you the opportunity to behave like a real bastard to get your goals. All of this mantaining the old-school style of the genre.

Papadero Creek once was a thriving place where gold mines were full, and its citizens were used to spend the precious metal in decadent vices. Now, prosperity has gone but not corruption. Anyway, there is still some remaining gold hidden in their houses, so you will have to steal everything and cheat everybody as a good Point and Click game character.

We have focused on building challenging and imaginative puzzles as well as funny dialogs. Everything accompanied by an art style influenced by classic European comic books such as Tintin.

We want to make 3 chapters to complete the whole story, but it is up to the people so we have set 3 scretch goals, each one for each chapter to be completed.

 A big range of “Rewards” will be offered but we would like to mention the last 3. They consist on being portrayed as a member of a sect, the leader of that sect or, if you pay the highest amount of money, the God of that sect with the possibility of deciding the dogma, rituals, philosophy and even the looks of this sect.

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