Don't Be Dinner WIP Screens, Info

Don't Be Dinner WIP Screens, Info

Single-player interactive fiction from indie developer Subject Matter


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Don't Be Dinner is an interactive piece of fiction based on branching story lines using simple dialogue trees. The game follows a knight as he ventures into a dark forest one night to confront the one thing standing between him and ultimate glory...and it wants to talk.

Story paths are determined by the character chosen, his motivations, and the player's dialog choices. The conversation with the troll centers around each character's story and ultimate goal.

With 45 different endings, whether you are trying to save the princess or prove yourself as an archer, each decision you make is crucial; it will bring you one step closer to ultimate success...or one step away from an untimely death.

Don't Be Dinner is being developed with the Unity engine and will be released on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile platforms. Release date is TBD.

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