Double Fine Presents LAST LIFE - Videos, Screens, Info
Double Fine Presents LAST LIFE - Videos, Screens, Info
A sci-fi noir adventure about a transhumanist colony on Mars in which deadly secrets await discovery...
Posted: 05/03/14 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Sam Farmer/Rocket Science Amusements | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

LAST LIFE , from indie developer Sam Farmer (Rocket Science Amusements), is an epic story told in three episodes. A Kickstarter campaign is in progress to finance Episode One (or all three, if stretch goals are met). The campaign, which runs until May 9, 2014, has already exceeded its base goal nicely.

Tim Schafer loves LAST LIFE. So much so that he's promoting the game and lending it a "Double Fine Presents" banner.

Gameplay is inspired by modern point-and-click adventure games such as Kentucky Route Zero and Telltale's Walking Dead series. LAST LIFE focuses on atmosphere and storytelling while also challenging the player's detective skills of interrogation and deduction.

-You are Jack Parker, recently slain P.I.; Earth was destroyed 11 years ago, and no one is having a particularly good day on Mars. Yet, here you are: back for 4 hours.

-Race your way through the glittery mean streets of MarsTopia as you hunt down your own killer.

-Wrangle deadly secrets out of an enormous cast of bizarre characters using whatever works: charm, bribes or something less pleasant.

-Uncover the inner workings of the squeaky-clean United Corps, which runs the planet like clockwork.

-Drink DNA-enhanced brewskis

-Break robots

LAST LIFE will be released for PC, Mac and Linux. The current anticipated launch date is May 2015.


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