Blackwell Epiphany Review
Blackwell Epiphany Review
Jeffry Houser tells us all about the final game in the Blackwell series
Posted: 04/28/14 | Category: Review | Developer: Wadjet Eye Games | Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games | Platform:

It is time once again to step in the shoes of Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone. Rosa is a medium who can speak to ghosts. Joey is her spirit guide. Together they search out the souls of people who have not passed over and help them move on from this earthly plane. When we last left Rosa, she had fought with Gavin, a man who could steal people’s energy to prolong his own life. After defeating Gavin, Rosa promises to seek out others like Gavin and prevent them from stealing souls.

The Story

Blackwell Epiphany picks up with Rosa working for the police outside an abandoned building. Rosa now works as a consultant to Sam Durkin, a police officer from previous games. It is her job to investigate the abandoned building to look for information. Unfortunately, Sam cannot tell her what type of information to look for. It is up to Rosa to user her connection with Joey to explore the building. This introductory section involves helping a ghost pass on.

As Rosa and Joey are leaving the building, a stranger approaches them, thus triggering the game’s primary plot. Something is tearing apart souls. Rosa and Joey decide to investigate further. The investigation brings them to new ghosts that need saving, some old friends, and some danger that could destroy the world. I’m unable to give any other details without spoiling the story.

This game is the most intricate Blackwell game to date. The puzzles will have you jump back and forth between multiple locations throughout New York, from a graveyard to a gym to a bar to an electronics store. There is even an apartment which I’d swear was lifted out the Shiva remake.

The Production Quality

The team at Wadjet Eye Games has made a lot of games like this one and they know what they are doing. The graphics are well done. The character portraits are well done. The soundtrack sets the mood, with a jazzy laid back saxophone. For the first time I noticed the sound effect when Joey slips through a closed door. I liked it.

The promo copy for this game says it is the longest Blackwell game to date, and I believe it. The puzzles reach a stage of intricacy not often seen in independent games. They often span multiple locations and require multiple steps. There are even a few creative ideas I didn’t expect, such as a ghost that splits into two personalities.

The ending of the game deserves a worthy mention. It not only wraps up this entry into the series, but a lot of outstanding questions that were hinted at throughout previous entries. It is as if the designers gave us the perfect present, wrapped tightly in a bow, ready for us to slowly unwrap with the tug of a string. I could not envision a more perfect closure to the story of Rosa and Joey.

Final Thoughts

Blackwell Epiphany is the final entry in the Blackwell series. The game presents a complex story with puzzles interwoven and a satisfying end to our heroes, Rosa and Joey. If you’ve played any of the previous games, check this one out. If you haven’t, then check the whole series out.

Grade: A
+ Engaging story
+ Well-done graphics, character portraits, soundtrack, sound effects
+ Perfect final game for the Blackwell series
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