The Conjuring House - Trailer, Screens, Info

The Conjuring House - Trailer, Screens, Info

If you have some wits and want them scared out of you, or perhaps want a paranormal horror experience that will mark you forever, indie developer Rym Games' The Conjuring House is for you


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The Conjuring House is a survival-horror game for PC that takes place in an abandoned -- yet not unoccupied -- house. Players will face a series of paranormal and unexplainable events, and confront the evil that haunts the house.

Scary, creepy, worrying are the three words that define the game. Immersion and oppressive ambience are the pillars on which the game's fear is based.

An IndieGoGo campaign for The Conjuring House is in progress until June 2, 2014.


  • A True Survival Horror Experience: You are not a hero; if you want to survive, your only chance is to run... and hide
  • Immersive Graphics and special effects: High-quality graphics that put you directly in the atmosphere of abandoned houses
  • Unpredictable Enemies and Events: Players cannot know when or where the evil will appear
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