DreadOut Videos, Screens, Info

DreadOut Videos, Screens, Info

Experience the unique traditions of Indonesian horror courtesy of indie developer Digital Happiness


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Note: DreadOut is not recommended for players under 17 years of age

DreadOut is a survival horror game from Indonesian developer Digital Happiness.

A group of high school students on vacation discovers an old deserted town in which something sinister is happening.

Linda, the main character, has lots of modern gadgets at her disposal including smartphones, digital cameras and digital video cameras. With these instruments she discovers, interacts with and captures a variety of the unique Southeast Asian Ghosts that populate the deserted town, and solves the plentiful puzzles she finds there.

She also encounters stirrings of a strange and mystical power within her. This power might be the only way she can save her life and and those of her friends.


  • Explore a haunted environment in an Asian - Indonesian setting
  • Experience unique and terrifying events
  • Survive, if you can, using quick reflexes and even quicker thinking
  • Battle against your own fear to progress through the story
  • Engage with a thrilling storyline full of twists
  • If you loved the Fatal Frame/Project Zero series of games you’ll certainly enjoy playing this game

DreadOut will be released on PC, Mac and Linux; release date is TBD. Demos are currently available for all three platforms on the game's official website.

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