Paradigm Teaser, Screens, Info, Demo

Paradigm Teaser, Screens, Info, Demo

A surreal, 2.5D third-peson point-and-click adventure from indie developers Jacob Janerka and Pavle Sanovic


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Added October 7, 2014: A demo is now available for PC and Mac; a Linux version is coming soon.

Welcome to a weird, Eastern European-styled fantasy world, where the rich and powerful are able to purchase genetically-engineered designer children rather than leave the beneficiaries of their fortunes up to chance.

You play the title character, Paradigm, who has been left terribly disfigured due to a genetic engineering blunder. As such, he must live in exile in a mostly abandoned town called Krusz with only his dog to keep him company.

Here, he finds consolation in music and dreams of becoming the best electronic music artist in the world. His past gets in the way, however, and transforms him into a very reluctant hero.

Does this sound depressing? Not so, say the developers. They've billed it as a comedy.

Paradigm will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux; a launch date is TBD.

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