Nevermind - Kickstarter Video, Screens, Info

Nevermind - Kickstarter Video, Screens, Info

The acclaimed biofeedback horror adventure game that gets more challenging as you get scared, honing your ability to manage anxiety


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News: Nevermind Campaign Launched on Kickstarter - February 7, 2014

Nevermind’s goal is to create an unforgettable gameplay experience that also teaches players how to be more aware of their internal responses to stressful situations.

As you explore surreal labyrinths and solve the puzzles of the mind, a biofeeback sensor will monitor how scared or stressed you become moment-to-moment. If you let your fears get the best of you, the game will become harder. If you’re able to calm yourself in the face of terror, the game will be more forgiving.

Nevermind will be released on PC and Mac. A Kickstarter campaign is in progress until March 7, 2014.


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