Aderyn's Cradle - Kickstarter Video, GDC Demo Video, Screens, Info
Aderyn's Cradle - Kickstarter Video, GDC Demo Video, Screens, Info
Skill-based melee combat in an immersive environmental experience like no other
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May 30, 2014
Editor's Note: This game is apparently now known as Aderyn's Cradle. There is another upcoming release called Cradle (in development by Flying Cafe for Semianimals, Kiev, Ukraine) that has nothing to do with this one (in development by Mojo Game Studios, Pittsburg). Therefore, I've changed the title of this page to Aderyn's Cradle.

Added January 28, 2014: Cradle has started a Kickstarter campiagn that will run until February 20, 2014.

Cradle is an open-world fantasy adventure game for the PC in development by Mojo Game Studios. It’s the story of an exiled traveler caught at the center of a monumental struggle between humanity, nature, and the gods.

In addition to an immersive narrative experience set in a breathtaking world to explore, Cradle offers an exciting new type of strategic first-person melee-combat experience. Cradle's Realfight Combat System, is a patent pending way to fight that uses "new proprietary technologies along with improvements over previous systems which all come together to bring you an unprecedented level of dynamic control."

With Cradle, Mojo is making an ambitious attempt to remake and improve the movement dynamics that have come before in a RPG/FPS. The system attempts to reflect the player's intentions when engaging an enemy. Watching some of the footage, this would appear to mean that combat effectiveness is based on real world physics. For example, get too close to an enemy, and you will not be able to effectively swing your broadsword. Your attack in this situation will result in a push off in an attempt for your character to create space to effectively use that weapon.

The game features five playable character classes, four unique open worlds, an augmentable weapon and armor system, competitive multiplayer, and much more.

The game will be released in Summer 2015.

The Kickstarter campaign has a $350,000 goal and has thus far raised a very respectable $50,000. You can help support the game here:

Check out the Kickstarter Video:





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