Spiritus Realm Trailer, Screens, Info
Spiritus Realm Trailer, Screens, Info
An open world adventure game from indie developer Indie Spiritus in which you'll take the spiritual form of three different animals
Posted: 12/24/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Indie Spiritus | Platform:

Spiritus Realm is an open world adventure game set in a land that is not affected by time, a land ruled by energy beings in charge of keeping the balance of life and death in our mortal world. You play as king Theo-sos, who finds himself in this mysterious realm without knowing how he got there, just to realize he is now dead.

Puzzles, quests and a beautiful world full of mysteries and wonders awaits to be explored. Go through a unique experience to find out why you are there and what your ultimate purpose in the balance of the cycle of life is.

The main gameplay feature of Spiritus Realm will be the ability to change your spiritual form into 3 different animals. Each animal will help you get through different obstacles or situations the game presents, and also provide the abilities to interact with the different objects/spirits scattered across the Spiritus Realm. For example if a wooden object is blocking your way you can always transform into the bear to use your brute force and destroy that object. Every spiritual form has a unique set of abilities drastically different from the other animals.

The game is being released for PC, Mac and Linux. An Indiegogo campaign is in progress.
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