Among the Sleep Videos, Screens, Demos, Info
Among the Sleep Videos, Screens, Demos, Info
What happens when you mix a child's perspective and imagination with the surreal nature of dreams?
Posted: 12/22/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Krillbite Studio | Platform: Other

News: Among the Sleep Has a Release Date; Watch the Announcement Trailer - May 23, 2014

You're two years old. You wake up one night, weird things are happening around you and your parents are gone. You're completely alone.

You embark on frightening journey through eerie environments, searching for comfort and safety. Threats could be hiding in every shadow. As a two-year-old, you'll have to avoid confrontation and find places to hide. 

The main focus of Among the Sleep is on exploration, atmosphere and horror; however, puzzle and adventure elements will be included as well. The game will be released for PC, Mac and Linux and be DRM-free. It will include Oculus Rift support.
From Norwegian indie developer Krillbite Studio, Among the Sleep has been funded via Kickstarter and Greenlit.

Public Alpha Demos have been released for PC, Mac and Linux, along with one that supports Oculus Rift (you'll need a devkit to view it properly).

Behind-the-Scenes Environment Testing
Speed Painting - Eerie Hallway - 6 hours reduced to 3 minutes
Gameplay Teaser
FAQ Video
Oculus Rift Video
Specials from Digital Download
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