Reset Trailers, Videos, Screens, Info
Reset Trailers, Videos, Screens, Info
A sci-fi noir mystery first-person game with mind-boggling puzzles, a grippingly haunting but beautiful story and unparalleled immersive atmosphere from indie developer Theory Interactive
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News: Reset Indiegogo Campaign in Final Six Days - December 17, 2013
Gameplay Teaser
Debut Trailer
Everything you see in the above trailer is straight from the in-game engine, no up-ressed textures, geometry or effects. What you see is what you will get (or hopefully, you'll get even better!).
Gameplay Tutorial
The main gameplay mechanic in Reset is time travel. As shown in the gameplay tutorial above, using the mechanic is fairly simple: First you decide that you want to return to a particular point in space and time from the future. Then you do whatever you want to do and finally return to the marked point and moment. From that moment onward the previous version of you will be doing the same things you just did yourself, and you are free to do something else.
Atmosphere Tech WIP
The tech is still work-in-progress with know issues, for example the volume shadow resolution (aliasing) needs some work. The tech is designed to work well close to the sea level, but in the video the camera is lifted almost to the cloud level to show you how the volume works. The tech begins to break down the higher the camera is lifted.
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