Rick Future: Development Diary #1, Screens & Info
Rick Future: Development Diary #1, Screens & Info
A classic point-and-click sci-fi adventure from indie developer MetalPop, coming in 2014
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Rick Future is a classic point-and-click sci-fi adventure built for the PC in 3D, using Crytek’s CryENGINE 3. The game, based on the popular German audio-play series Rick Future created by Sven Matthias, is being developed by indie game studio MetalPop.

The storyline of the game stretches over three chapters and will follow the crew of the cargo ship Eric as it sets out to reveal ancient mysteries, discover the wonders of the
universe...and finds a way to pay off its debts!

It all starts as a quick and easy delivery job: pick up some cargo and drop it off in the Gon'dual sector, which should yield enough credits to make basic repairs to the Eric.

But what starts as a routine job quickly turns into a dangerous chase in one of the most dangerous sectors of the galaxy on a hunt for long lost treasure.

The player has full control of the game's three heroes: Rick, the captain of the Eric; Hubert, the grumpy Golwonian mechanic; and the robot lady Evi.

Rick Future features classic point-and-click gameplay with many fresh ideas and new features made possible through the use of a modern 3D engine, while still feeling like one of those ‘good old adventure games’ at the same time.

The game will be released as a digital download for PC in 2014.
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