Bloom: Memories Teaser, Screens, Info
Bloom: Memories Teaser, Screens, Info
An epic action adventure game which challenges players to survive against impossible odds as they desperately search for answers
Posted: 11/21/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Studio Fawn | Platform: Other

Bloom: Memories strives to capture the innocent feeling of adventure and discovery (taking lessons from such classic games as The Legend of Zelda) while pushing the experience deeper with a heartfelt story of love and sacrifice.

The game combines many classic game design elements into a gorgeous, unique action-adventure RPG.

Bloom: Memories moves away from violence and domination. In fact, you can play the entire game without harming anyone or anything if you so choose.

The game's world is filled with strange creatures; taking time to talk to them can be well worth the effort. For instance, instead of killing a monster, you might try saying hello.

With your choices will come consequences: Be violent, and the world will react more violently in return. Be kind, and the world may soften, revealing a more loving side.

To yield a fuller experience, the game will also have a variety of optional puzzles and mini-games to challenge you, while avoiding obtuse and annoying “filler” content.

Bloom Memories will be released for PC, Mac and Linux. Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns are currently in progress.
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