The Dead Flowers Case Video and Screens

The Dead Flowers Case Video and Screens

Discover a well-organized world where nothing causes trouble...nothing, that is, except dead flowers


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News: The Dead Flowers Case Blooms on Kickstarter - November 10, 2013

It's early one morning, deep in the administrative offices of the automobile production unit.

Everyone is at work when suddenly...

The alarms start ringing and the automatic security doors slam shut, cutting everyone in the Administrative Department off from the rest of the building.

Inside the plant, the alarm only rings for two known reasons: either to herald an official announcement or because someone has died. But there is also a third and more hidden reason (unknown to most) that will trigger the alarm: the detection of plant life.
However, plants and flowers are now extinct. Or so it was thought...

That very morning the company's MecaBrain is tragically found dead at his workstation (which as anyone agrees is an unusual event at the worst of times). Even more unusual, in this well-organized world, is the fact that dead flowers have been placed next to the body.
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