H.P.Lovecraft's Dagon - Test Render, Screens, Info
H.P.Lovecraft's Dagon - Test Render, Screens, Info
Are you loathsome tonight? Does your madness shine bright? Welcome to Innsmouth, New England’s best kept secret.
Posted: 09/17/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Order of Dagon Games | Platform: Other, Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad
Two New Screens - February 17, 2014
The above is a test render of one of Innsmouth's lovely inhabitants. This friendly chap and a couple of his mates are populating the gameworld of H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon, an upcoming horror point-and-click adventure that's currently in pre-production.
The town of Innsmouth is secretly run by the notorious Esoteric Order of Dagon which, in turn, is headed by Dr. Herbert West, the warden of Innsmouth Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
Innsmouth, New England
November 1927
In late October, Prohibition Agents get word on suspicious behaviour on a small island just off the coast of Innsmouth. Fishermen report sightings of strange looking people hiding between the rocks of the otherwise deserted island, and strange chantings coming from there by night.
Convinced this is a coverup for alcohol smugglers the department sends out a landing team to investigate … an investigation that swiftly turns into a nightmare that only one of them survives with luck.
Stranded at Innsmouth’s shore he is found by West’s men and brought to Hospital. This is where the adventure begins …
The game will feature two playable characters, plenty of lovely locations like morgues, graveyards and Innsmouth’s famous sewer system and interactions with a colourful array of lovely townsfolk.
It will also feature roughly 15 characters (including the two playable protagonists) and 40 scenes.
Order of Dagon Games is an indie game development studio founded by Thomas Busse in 2013.
H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon, its first title, started as a university project in 2009. The original plan back then was to find a publisher and to create a full game out of the project. As so often happens, however, life got in the way of this plan and the game had to be abandoned for awhile.
2013, however, has seen the rebirth of the idea. The story is written, the puzzles designed, the characters have background stories dating back to the stone age (and some of them much, much further back, naturally, this is Lovecraft after all)…
Thomas Busse is currently working alone. However, the plan is to launch a Kickstarter campaign in October in order to secure funds to hire some helping hands.
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