Middle of Nowhere Trailer, Screenshots & Info
Middle of Nowhere Trailer, Screenshots & Info
In the year 2020, explore the remains of Nowhere, a beautiful and surreal post-apocalyptic world surrounded by fog, in search of your daughter Emily.
Posted: 08/19/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: VisionArts | Platform: Microsoft windows


You are Isaac, father of Emily, an unusual young girl having premonitions of a lost world she calls Nowhere. Emily is Isaac's priority and so with no hesitation, decides to pursue the chance of finding a specialized doctor to help with Emily's condition which results in a fatal car crash. You wake up in a lost world with only one thing that matters; Emily is missing. You immediately come to realize this is no ordinary world and have to use your instincts of survival to find Emily. You encounter many deformed creatures in what seems like a beautiful post-apocalyptic world but is actually Hell. You have to fight or run to pursue Emily, either that or she could be gone forever. Can you save her?


The year is 2020 and time is running out for Isaac. From the moment Emily was born, her life became his. It was only soon after they found out about Emily's unknown medical condition otherwise known as her premonitions. Isaac has spent his life trying to find a doctor to help with Emily's condition and as time progresses, she worsens. Emily's premonitions leave her in a lost state of Nowhere. A broken state of mind unknown to the world we live in. No one has ever heard of such a place or seen the things that dwelve inside it. Ever since Emily's mom Sarah disappeared, Emily's condition has spiraled. Isaac, almost left hopeless came across a specialized doctors name Aycrigg Orchard.


Middle of Nowhere is set in a beautiful post-apocalyptic world in the year 2020 with a surreal reality, atmospheric environment surrounded by fog. Explore the remains of a lost world struck with disaster. Come across broken shanty-like shacks those of which used to be houses. Make your way through cold and shivering caves and find what awaits you. Take a tread through wet, swamp-like environments and feel the eerie atmosphere. Search a town that vanished from the world we know.

This is no ordinary world, this is Nowhere.

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