• Armed with only a camera, explore The Utopia, Baron Wittard's abandoned and silent city-within-a-building in which local townspeople say a malevolent entity now dwells
    Genre: Horror/Puzzle/Indie DeveloperRelease Date: February 18, 2011Platform: PC  Note: Originally
    04/28/13 | News | by Shane
  • As Natalia, travel to parallel worlds on a dangerous quest to find your missing boyfriend, and discover truths about the scheme of things that rules our creation
    Genre: Classic Adventure FantasyRelease Date: December 1, 2004 Platform:  PC Note: Originally pub
    04/21/13 | News | by Aya
  • Features a user-friendly interface and an intriguing storyline that will keep you glued to your seat until you witness the ending... which you will never forget
    Genre: Mystery AdventureRelease Date: March 2008 Platform: PC Note: Originally published March 15,
    04/21/13 | News | by Alexander Tait
  • You are Corvo Attano, a once-trusted bodyguard of the Empress who is framed for her murder; empowered with supernatural abilities, you become an assassin to seek revenge on those who ruined your life.
    Developer / Publisher: Bethesda, Arkane StudiosRelease Date: October 2012Platform: PC, PS3, XBox 360
    04/19/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • A walkthrough for the ninth game in the Carol Reed series
    COLD CASE SUMMERCarol Reed Mystery #9WALKTHROUGHBy Len Green lengreen@hotmail.com 24th&nb
    04/17/13 | News | by Len Green
  • When tribe-hungry Ray finds himself without a tribe, he lands in World of Warcraft where his tribal needs are, once again, satisfied
       I must be tribal by nature.  I’ve always enjoyed doing things in a group.&nbs
    04/16/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • It blows...it sucks...it reeks
    NOTE:  My apologies for the blatant overuse of ALL CAPS in this piece.  When I get this angry, t
    04/16/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • Continuing in the curmudgeonly style he first revealed in a recent rant against Samsung Customer Service, Ray takes on some major game companies
      1. Sony and Blizzard.Almost three years ago I began making the following prediction about Bliz
    04/11/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • Ten, descendant of Seth, the original Hero of Atlantis, holds within him the key to a mystery and is bound on an adventure in which he gradually discovers his destiny
    Genre: Mystery/Adventure/EpisodicRelease Date: 12/99 Platform: PC, Mac Note: Original date of publ
    03/15/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • Explore worlds of unparalleled beauty as your travels take you to the fascinating lands of Tibet, China, Ireland, Atlantis and the mystical land of Shambhala
    Genre: Mystery/Adventure/EpisodicRelease Date: 12/99 Platform: PC, Mac Note: Original date of pub
    03/15/13 | News | by Tom Houston
  • Jeffry Houser shares his initial impression of the old-school Adventure/RPG hybrid from Himalaya Studios
    Trailer, Screens, Info - December 24, 2013 Himalaya Studios is the commercial arm of Tierra Enterta
    03/03/13 | News | by Austin
  • Ray Ivey and friends spontaneously turn a single-player game into a group effort
    I generally think of adventure games as solo affairs.  Usually.  Most of the time when I’m playi
    02/02/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • Use this if you need help in averting the game's impending apocalypse
    Version: This is version 1.01 -- incorporating additional information about Riddle #2 in the ja
    02/02/13 | News | by Peter Olafson
  • Find help to get Darren through the third chapter of the Black Mirror saga
    Version: This is version 1.0. It’s based of the US edition of the game.Contact: Mistakes? Lingerin
    02/01/13 | News | by Peter Olafson
  • In the second episode of the four-part series, someone close to Erica has been kidnapped by the Wise Monkey -- a serial killer fixated on the gruesome mutilation of her victims -- sending Erica on a race against time to save her friend's life.
    Genre: Thriller/AdventureRelease Date: 30 January 2013Platform: PC (reviewed), Mac Erica Reed re
    01/28/13 | News | by Jeffry Houser
  • A sort-of sequel to E&H: The Breakout in which childhood psychology gets even weirder
    Genre: AdventureRelease Date: 16 October 2012Platform: PC - digital download (version reviewed)The o
    01/28/13 | News | by Greg Collins
  • Ray Ivey has been harassed by too many relentlessly respawning enemies
    I’m sorry Zelda, but we have to break up. And before you get upset, let me assure you, it’s not
    01/17/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • This stand-alone add-on tells the story of how Nathaniel Nate Bonnet and his strange companion Critter first met
    Genre: Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: 2012Platform: PC, MacVersion played: Steam (on PC)Was it
    01/15/13 | News | by Greg Collins
  • A tale of life and death, heartache and hope, despair and survival -- in a game that has soul
    WARNING: This game contains flashing imagery, adult themes, violence, gore, nudity, sexual cont
    01/08/13 | News | by Karla Munger
  • A former New York detective finds himself walking the beat again when hired by a sensuous woman to investigate the gruesome beheadings of her sister and brother-in-law
    Release Date: Europe/November 2002 - North America/February 2003Platform: PCNote: Originally publish
    01/07/13 | News | by Ray Ivey
  • To investigate a serial murder case that seems to have ties to the past, play as both Victoria McPherson in present-day Chicago and her grandfather Gus, seventy-five years earlier in Prague
    Genre: Mystery/Thriller AdventureRelease Date: April 2005Platform:  PC, XboxNote: Originally publis
    01/07/13 | News | by Shannon Hall-Harris
  • Prepare for the most emotionally charged of the Walking Dead game series
    When we finished Episode 4 of the Walking Dead, Lee Everett had just been bitten. 
    01/01/13 | News | by Jeffry Houser
  • A thrilling point-and-tap adventure that's sure to make your toes curl and keep your mobile device on edge
    Genre:  Puzzle AdventureRelease date: August 2012Platform:  iOS, AndroidSophisticated adve
    12/31/12 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Be sure to hang on to something sturdy before venturing into this interview!
    Welcome Al Lowe, creator of the (in)famous Leisure Suit Larry series and old school adventure game
    12/25/12 | News | by Joe Lieberman
  • Become a ghost wrapped in a dirty sheet and go to work as a "ghostcatcher" in an abandoned, bucket-filled factory
    Genre: Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: November 2007Platform: PCNote: Originally published 15 January
    12/22/12 | News | by Karla Munger
  • Somewhere deep within the woods a timeless force is stirring...Beneath the ancient burial mound known locally as Barrow Hill, a forgotten myth awakes
    Genre: Horror AdventureRelease Date: April 2006Platform: PCNote: Originally published 20 April 2006
    12/17/12 | News | by Bob Washburne
  • Joe Davis and his unhinged wife Ivy make the big mistake of checking into the nightmare-filled Quiet Haven Hotel
    Genre: Horror AdventureRelease Date: June 16, 2009Platform: PCNote: Originally published 16 June
    12/17/12 | News | by Ricardo Pautassi
  • The first self-contained episode of a new indie adventure series in the style of an interactive Art Noir graphic novel
    Genre: Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: December 6, 2012Platform: PCHave you ever lost someone you l
    12/17/12 | News | by Jeffry Houser
  • Five big ones that got away, and signaled the end of an era in adventure gaming
    The Egyptians left the great pyramids at Giza, the Mayans left Chichen Itza in Mexico's Yucatan. But
    12/15/12 | News | by Greg Collins
  • There are several very good reasons why a save-game compendium is important or even occasionally essential for Quest/Adventure games in general, and in "Yoomurjack's Ring" in particular.
    The player may be well into the game and there is a computer crash or power outage which wipes out a
    12/11/12 | News | by Len Green
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