The Walking Dead Chapter 5 - Season Finale - No Time Left
The Walking Dead Chapter 5 - Season Finale - No Time Left
Prepare for the most emotionally charged of the Walking Dead game series
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When we finished Episode 4 of the Walking Dead, Lee Everett had just been bitten.  Lee and some of his companions were searching for Clementine who had disappeared overnight.  They believed that she was kidnapped by Vernon, a Savannah resident who helped our crew gather supplies for their boat.  As this game starts, the Zombie hoard is starting to overrun the town, presumably drawn by the noise of the train which the crew took to Savannah.  Lee must find and save Clementine before the sickness overcomes him.

Lee’s Sickness
The first step is to find a way out of Vernon’s basement hideout.  Zombies are overriding the sewers, so Lee must find a way out while his companions guard the door and prepare for a zombie onslaught.  During this process, you get your first major choice from the game, and it is the most serious choice the game has given you yet.  Lee passes out briefly and awakens to find his companions debating over his fate.  It is up to Lee to step up and make the decision.  It’s a shocking, but tough moment.

The story continues as the crew makes it back to their hideout house.  They are quickly overrun by Zombies.  They fight for survival while searching for Clementine. It is a race to the Marsh House in order to retrieve Clementine.  Each step of the way presents some pain, and death, for the group.  Eventually it is up to Lee to enter the Marsh House and face the strange voice on the Walkie Talkie in order to save Clementine.  

No Time Left is the most emotionally charged of the Walking Dead game series.  At each step you’ll be making life and death decisions for your friends, both old and new, and for yourself.  You’ll be on the edge of your seat as events unfold.  More than once my jaw dropped to the floor because I didn’t see that coming.  

The Bad Stuff
As with all Telltale episodic game series, the episodes become more bug-ridden as you get closer to the final chapter, and The Walking Dead was no exception.  The hardest puzzle I had to solve was the one where I had to open up a directory in Windows Explorer to delete some files in order for the game to recognize my past saved games.  By the time I reached Episode 5, I had three separate saved games, all with different choices.  The scare of losing them—and starting from scratch—was as horrifying as any zombie death you can imagine.

The controls on the PC are the same as previous episodes.  It is an awkward interface which would work much better on a console controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.  However, despite its awkwardness it is good enough to make a playable game.

The graphics are on par with previous entrants in the series and not much has changed with them.  If you’re used to playing a lot of nostalgic 2D adventures, then the 3D approach will be a nice, modern, change for the better.

Final Thoughts
The game ends with a fitting closure for the series.  It is not the happiest ending in the world, but it has a touch of the artistic and will feel satisfying when you finally reach it.  Be sure to watch the end credits, as there is a hopeful glimpse of what may become the opening scenes of the second series of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.  I’m sure there are a lot more stories to tell in this universe and I can’t wait to play them.  

Final Grade: B

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