Randal's Monday - New Video with Jeff Anderson
Randal's Monday - New Video with Jeff Anderson
The star of Clerks talks about his role as the voice of Randal in the upcoming AG from Nexus Game Studios and Daedalic Entertainment, scheduled for release this Fall
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News: Actor Jeff Anderson To Voice Protagonist of Randal's Monday - July 31, 2014

Clerks actor and iconic figure of the 90’s geek culture, Jeff Anderson, has returned. In this new video, the Hollywood actor discusses his role Randal Hicks from the point-and-geek adventure Randal’s Monday. The video was recently shot during the voice recordings at the OMUK studios in London.

Anderson is known for his role of Randal Graves in the 90’s cult movies Clerks, Clerks II and the TV series. Being into all sorts of Randal-characters, he's been waiting for a project like Randal’s Monday to come along: "I got this showbiz thing going on where I could only play Randal, so I just look for the coolest projects that involve Randal and here it is.”

In Randal's Monday, the classic point-and-click gameplay and countless items and nods toward the golden age of geek culture deliver precious nostalgia to all players who hold their childhood memories and heroes dear. Retro-consoles? Favorite flicks, shows and games from the 80s, 90s, and the early 2k? Randal's Monday has all of that and it's truly worth your time to find each and every reference made in this game.

Randal’s Monday, in development by Nexus Game Studios and to be published by Daedalic Entertainment, is scheduled for release on PC in Fall 2014.

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